İstanbul İlaç San ve Tic A.Ş. represents a new generation, 100% Turkish capitalized family company that operates in the pharmaceutical industry.

İstanbul İlaç San. ve Tic. A.Ş was established by deceased Pharmacist İsmail Azmi Yüksel in 1962, and acquired by Dr. Olcay Gündüz and his wife Sp. Chemist Neslihan Gündüz in 2017.

The company renders services as a long-standing and “deep-rooted” pharmaceutical company. Its current products include Common cold drugs, Vitamin Syrups, Antifungals, Antihypertensives and Gastroenterology products. The product range for 2021 will also include Injectable and Oral Antibiotics and new Gastroenterology products and Antifungals.

İstanbul İlaç San. ve Tic. A.Ş. also makes efforts to obtain authorization for food supplements and vitamin products that have recently become a necessity worldwide. İstanbul İlaç, a company which has been in the service of patients and the Turkish medicine for 58 years and still exists today, will continue to manufacture and develop drugs for our valuable people and for future generations. 



As a “deep-rooted” healthcare company which values human health, our objective is to help prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases with our products and services.

For this purpose, we work to improve our functional capabilities and to make our product flow management more effective in order to become a company which is trusted by individuals and by the community.



With the experience brought by the fact of being a deep-rooted healthcare company which values human health, to become one of the leading companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical market by increasing customer satisfaction each year, aiming to lead its sector and manufacturing safe products for human health. 



BELIEF AND TRUST: We trust our company, name, employees and products.

INTEGRITY: We strive to be honest in every aspect and area from manufacture to sales.

COURAGE: We handle problems with a calm competence. We love to take initiative.

EXCELLENCE: Our business is our biggest passion.

RESPONSIBILITY: We move ahead, grow and develop by taking responsibility.

RESPECT: We recognize diversity, respecting and paying regard to the personal characteristics of individuals.

TEAM WORK: We are happier together.